Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

Uploading or Publishing Your Website

After you create your website uploading or publishing is the very simple process of moving the pages and images that make up your website, to web space on a shared or dedicated server that is connected to the internet.

You can use the FTP tool located on a console provided by your web host or you can make use of the simple free FTP tool that we recommend on our website. (See top Navigation bar under HTML)

The process will be much faster using our recommended tool, since it doesn't require the act of going to your web space, logging on and transferring pages via the console.

Using our recommended FTP tool the process of logging on is all automated once it is set up.

Note: If you are using HTMLPad 2011 to create your web site, it has a built in FTP feature. Just save your changes and click Publish Project to FTP. HTMLPad 2014

Finding a Web Host

If this is your first website you may want to read our web hosting FAQ. You'll find information about how much web space you need and what features to look for.

After you study the FAQ you can visit our Web Hosting Comparison Chart where you'll find some of the best prices for web hosting on the internet.

To download our free FTP tool visit the tutorial which shows how to set it up and begin uploading your pages.

Registering a Domain Name

If you are serious, a registered domain name is a must.

Some authorities say it can improve your search engine rankings if the domain name includes keywords. Other experts will tell you this is a myth. Check the SERPS and see what you think.

One thing a registered domain name will do is give your website a more professional appearance.

Most domain name sellers provide a service called Free Parking, which allows you to temporarily use their default DNS information until you acquire your web space.

If the web hosting package you choose comes with a free domain name, make sure you have the option of purchasing the domain name if you should leave their service.