Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

Keep It Simple

Website design does not have to be a difficult process.

If this is your first web site or template page, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!

Novices fail when they create a website because they try using techniques and tools that are too complicated for their stage of development . If you start with a very simple HTML design it will be easier to progress from basics to the more complicated later on.

Start with a single page single column design. Learn as much as you can about enhancing your design with CSS.

Leave Flash to the experts. These more advanced tools can always be added after you have mastered the basics.


Don't use too many or unrelated colors when designing your website. Best results are obtained when you use 3 colors or less. See: Choosing Colors

Page Width

The width of your web page is irrelevant when building with liquid design methods.

Note: Monitor resolution settings can be changed on most PCs by right clicking on the desktop window and choosing Personalize, then Display Settings.

For best results, during the design process, set the resolution to the highest possible choice on your monitor.

Then test at all resolutions.

A Beginning for Success

Learn the BASICS FIRST!!

  1. Start with a single page single column design.
  2. Learn to place your h1-h6 elements and paragraphs in your content section and format them with your style sheet.
  3. Learn to add your images to your content and position them using your style sheet.
  4. Learn to place your links in your navigation device and format them in your style sheet.
  5. Experiment with color, text and box shadow.
  6. Learn to create new pages using your template and link them together.

When the basics are second nature you'll be ready to tackle things like columns, drop down menus, adding video, etc.

Next Stop

Create a Website Template