Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

Researching Keywords

Before you create a website, you should do a little research on the keywords that will be used to locate your website on a search engine.

This is really important if you will be competing with other websites for internet sales.

99.9% of the websites created this year will fail because the authors WILL NOT do this research!

Most people use a search engine like Google when they want to locate something on the internet.

They type in a word or a phrase and then search through the results that the SE returns.

Those words that you type in for a search are your keywords.

What keywords will people use to search for your website?

This will be the focus of your research.

A good place to start your research is at Read through their Help section. Then start out with a free trial of their services.

It is extremely important to make a decision on what keywords you want to optimize your website for, BEFORE you start adding content to your web pages.

It's a sad day when you optimize your website to the top of Google only to find that no one is using the keywords that you chose to optimize your website for. The result - Zero traffic to your site!!M

More reading on keywords...

Do The Research!!

Any Free Tools?

Most of the sites that advertise free keyword tools, are trying to sell you a large package of tools at a bloated price.

Here are a few that aren't as stingy with free results and provide a pretty good start.

Keyword country

Keyword Suggestion Tool

This ones a bit stingy, but provides some advanced info:

Research Keywords Before You Start

Proper research before development produces lots of first time and REPEAT visitors.

If your business budget is limited you will depend on top placement on search engines like Google for your website traffic.

You must know what keywords people are using to find sites like yours when they do searches on the internet.

Optimizing Web Pages From Your Research

Many SEO self proclaimed Gurus of the day will tell you that Google penalizes for SEO optimization.

That's just PURE CRAP!

Websites that suffered in Google's last algorithm change (like ours), did so because their websites didn't produce REPEAT visitors.

Once you have decided on your keyword phrases your pages Must Be Optimized to appeal to search engine spiders.

That means placing keywords in the right places, the right way and not resorting to BLACK HAT TACTICS like keyword stuffing.

The easiest tool we have found for doing this is found at Get the free version and learn to use it when building your web pages.

Optimize your web pages!!