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Neighboring Colors

Neighboring Colors, also called analogic, are located next to each other on a colorwheel.

These combinations produce color harmony and can suggest feelings of unity.

#330099 #0033cc #009999

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Monolithic Color Combinations

The monolithic approach to color uses different shades of the same color.

Their first impression can be very subtle, soothing and at times if overdone, boring. Example Template

#00248f #0033cc #809fff



#00248f #000000 #809fff

Adding a contrasting black to monolithic makes the color combo monochromatic and a little more interesting.



Triads are used to produce contrasting color combinations.

These are made up of 3 colors that lie at equal distances from each other on the wheel.

Thus red, blue and yellow would form a triad, as would orange, green and violet.

#ff0900 #0033cc #fffc00


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Note: Be sure to equalize the distance on triads.

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