Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

Web Design and Color

Tints Tones and Shades

tints tones shadesColor harmony can also be produced using tints, tones and shades of various parent colors.

Shades are produced by mixing a parent color with black (A).

Tones are produced by mixing the color with gray (B).

Tints are produced by mixing a color with white (C).

The color triangle on the left demonstrates these concepts. Most graphic editing programs will provide palettes for producing these color variations.

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Color and Web Browsers

The colors that a browser can display are only limited by the user's device.

Back in the old days you had to be careful about choosing colors for you website. Some monitors used 8 bit or 16 bit color and might not display the colors the same as your equipment.

Unlimited colr choices.There were about 211 safe colors and some authorities claimed there were only about 11 colors that actually looked the same from monitor to monitor.

Thank GeeWhiz for progress. About 95 percent of people viewing the internet these days are using devices that produce 24 to 32 bit color.

24 bit monitors display millions of colors and 32 bit monitors produce billions.

Get rid of those dull drab white backgrounds and start using some nice pastels behind your text.

Some Simple Rules of Good Website Design

  1. Less is better. Don't overdo it with color. Don't use more than 2 or 3 in your web design.
  2. Choose colors that are somehow related. Don't just grab 2 or 3 and go.

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