Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

HTML Color Tool

How to Choose Your Colors

Always use related colors when choosing a color scheme for your website.

Use this free tool to study color relationships.

Use it to choose the color scheme of your website.

Be sure to read the help section for a better understanding.

To Enter your color click Enter RGB below.

Note: Contrast is Complementary
Analogic is Neighboring


About Color Scheme2

The author and copyright holder of this tool is Petr Stanicek (aka -pixy-) Kladno, Czech Republic, Europe. He is a noted author of articles on the subject of CSS and web design.

Many of his articles have been translated into English and are posted at

New Version Available

There is a NEW VERSION (advanced) of the tool available at , which can be used online.

The new version will actually produce example pages (images- not code) using the colors you choose.

New version - Not available for download.

Download Color Scheme 2

You may download the tool and use it from your desktop.

Just unzip/ extract all and access index-en.html as a web page.