Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

Promoting Your Website

The chore of promoting your website or building traffic to it will usually require more effort than the actual construction. It is an ongoing never ending process.

The bulk of website traffic will come from search engines. Ranking or position on search engines will determine how much traffic you receive. It is important that you optimize your website before submitting it to any SEs.

For the more competitive fields of business or for faster positioning, it may be necessary to buy your traffic. The major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN all provide Pay Per click services that allow you to compete for keyword driven listings that appear on their search page results. You do need deep pockets to get major traffic using PPC.

You can also use opt-in mailing lists for promoting your site, but these are also very expensive.

Submitting to Search Engines

Before a search engine can find your website, you must go and visit that search engine and tell it that your website exists. When you do that a crawler or spider will be sent to your website. This process can take weeks or months.

A faster way, is to to get a link to your site placed on another website that is already indexed and crawled on a regular basis. If at all possible get your link placed on their home page. I have seen websites get indexed in as little as 24 hours using this method.

The spider will look at each page that it can find and place them in a large database of other pages. Your ranking will be determined by how well you have followed the instructions for optimizing your pages and targetting keywords. Ranking is also determined by the number of websites with similar content that link to yours.

Visit some experts on the subject at and

Look for information on submitting your website to different kinds of search engine databases. Pages are submitted differently to pure search engines, like Google, than they are to directories, like Yahoo or Open Directory.

When you get your information together you'll visit each search engine and submit your website manually. Forget auto submission programs. Don't be duped by services that claim to submit your site to 4000 search engines. The Do it Yourself mentality will pay bundles here. Write down the date that you submit to each search engine.

Checking Back

Wait about 2 weeks. One week if you are anxious. Go back and type your URL into the search box of each search engine. Most will usually tell you if the site is in their database. Don't panic. First time submissions will take longer, sometimes as long as a month or 2. Once in new pages will show up faster.

If your pages don't show up in 2 weeks its probably safe to resubmit if you are antsy.

Optimization Strategies

The complete optimization of a web site involves much more than just submitting pages to search engines. Read this informative article by one of our valued link partners,

Other Ways to Promote: