Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

Adding Web Page Content

The content of your web pages is the most important element of your website.

When designing your content for each web page, keep these questions in mind:
1...Who is this content for?
2...What do I want the visitor to do?
3...What does my visitor need to stay interested and proceed to my next desired step?
4...Do the cosmetic properties of your web page design ( color and layout ) help the visitor to focus on the content or is it a distraction?

Appearance of Content

A good web page will always be clean in appearance and easy to read.

Your visitor's eyes should easily focus on the content of your web pages, Not on the Design!

One simple technique that adds to a non-cluttered appearance is the use of whitespace.

Leave plenty of space between short paragraphs.


Content and Keywords

The content of your website will ultimately determine its success or failure. Your success on the search engines will be determined by how well you add your content.

When adding content to your web pages, keep page size to about 250 to 500 words.

Read Writing Sales Copy by Robert Olson.

Don't overload your content with the same keyword phrase. If it doesn't sound right when you read it back, it's a good indication that you've overdone it. Use synonyms for your keywords, rather than overloading or indulging in the practice of keyword stuffing.

Check, then recheck your spelling!!

The Homepage

Practically speaking, the most important element of web design is page content. The most important page on your website is the home page, usually named index.html.

Most of the traffic that enters your website will come via this page. Most experts agree that you have about 4 seconds to make a favorable impression on the user before you get the old Back Button.

How to target keyword phrases.

Place keywords in the page name, title tag, meta tags, 1rst h1 header and sub headings (h2), within the first 25 words of first paragraph, throughout the document body , in the closing paragraph, in alt tags, in comments and in hyperlinks.

Don't over do it!!

Yada, yada, yada.

You can have the best organized content in the world these days and you may not even show up in Google's SERPs. The real key to ranking high on Google today is return visitors.

Give your visitors a reason to come back!