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Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

Web Design Definition

Web site design or web design are terms whose definitions vary by different schools of thought.

Rather than trying to explain the different opinions that exist about the design of web sites, we'll try to focus on our very practical definition.

Successful web design involves more than just the creation of a beautiful piece of art work. It is rather, the construction of a sometimes multi-purpose vehicle on the internet, to accomplish a desired end.

The basic elements that determine the success of website design or web site construction are appearance, usability and visibility.

Website Design and Appearance

The media or method used to create the appearance of a web site can have a direct influence on its usability and visiblity.

Web sites built using the techniques of flash multimedia are very often great works of art, and are beautiful to look at if you have the time, but are usually flops when it comes to accomplishing their purpose.

The reason: their technology is too far ahead of average internet connection facilities. Two thirds of internet users are still on dial up connections.

Websites designed and constructed with HTML based media are more successful, because they are better suited to current internet connection methods.

The two main factors that determine a website's appearance are color and layout.

Usability and Web Design

The main factors that determine how usable a web site is are, its navigational features and its security.

How well a user can navigate the pages of a website, and how easily they can find what they are looking for, will often determine the length of time they spend on a web site.

The security of information exchanged with users on a website is crucial to the success of business oriented sites. You must protect your client's personal information.

Website Design and Visibility

No web site will be successful if it isn't visible on the internet.

The two main factors that will determine how many people see a website are, its quality of content and its promotional strategies.