Using HTML5 and CSS to Create a Website

How to Create a Website

Anyone can create a website!!

Template ExampleYes - that includes YOU!!

Creating a successful website is a lot more difficult.

A successful website is one that receives traffic from the search engines, provides valuable information or products to its visitors and inspires those visitors to link to, share the website with friends and associates and return.

A successful website requires research, planning and a lot of hard work.

Our tutorial is designed to give you a basic understanding of the research, planning and construction of your website.

Use it in conjunction with our HTML 5 tutorial.

What I Mean by Free

Our website URL is

Stay on my websites and you can learn to create your website right on your PC, Mac or lap top with free tutorials, free html editors, free research tools and even free software to upload your web pages.

If you're building a website for serious purposes, when it does come time to publish, the free part ends.

I don't care if you get your web hosting from my website or direct from Barrack Obama, you'll need to pay for hosting and a domain name.

We can sell you a year of hosting and your domain name for $39/yr. If you can't or won't afford that, you're getting into the wrong business. If you can find shared web hosting for less than that without paying 4 years in advance, buy it.

Think you can get it hosted for free and be successful? Let the shoe fit!

Creating Your Own Website

The key to learning the art of web design and building your own website is to
Start Simple.

Learn the basics of HTML coding and as much as you can about Cascading Style Sheets.

Use your knowledge as you learn to create very simple websites in the beginning.

Build your web pages in such a way that as you learn more, you can add more to your site.

Make it as easy to redesign as possible by using as little HTML code as possible and concentrating on learning to use style sheets to enhance the appearance.

Start with our 7 Step Tutorial that teaches you the correct method of using HTML code and style sheets to build your website.

It's all copy and paste!!

Before you build your final website, be sure to come back and study the lessons on planning, researching keywords and color.

Research and Planning

Since the underlying goal of any website is to attract visitors, the Research section of our website will deal with finding the right keywords that relate to the content of your site. Even if you are building your website with a tool that doesn't require a knowledge of HTML coding, you should complete this research before you start cranking out web pages.

The Planning section of our website deals with the aspects of structuring content, choosing colors and the layout of web pages.

Choosing a Web Host

Many people choose their web host by price and the advertised amount of web storage space and bandwidth they offer. This is the worst way to choose a web hosting company. The best hosting always includes the BEST possible Technical Support. Check this first.

If you prefer cheap web hosting choose shared web hosting. We use it and our website is over 1200 web pages.

Build your website with their tools or your own. HTML or CMS tools like Joomla and WordPress, it's all included.

Most even include a free domain name and instant FREE set up.

A Word About CMS and Blogging

If you are planning a website that will require membership and interaction with visitors, you may want to consider a Content Management System or BLOG.

A CMS like Joomla! or BLOG like WordPress requires Very Minor Coding Experience and can be easily installed on your web space using a script installer provided by your web host.

Joomla! is also well documented with downloadable manuals and visual tutorials. WordPress' features and documentation are improving on a regular basis.

CMS offers built in features like membership registration, site search, user feedback, polls and other interactive tools.